TRI - SFI Course

TRI and SFI Course

The course objectives for a tri/sfi instructor rating in multi-crew airplanes are :
An integrated instruction based on theoretical teaching and flight simulator training.

We provide the future instructor with the necessary knowledge and skills to train other pilots in a safe CRM operation.

We ensure that the future intructor will be able to successfully teach and supervise normal, abnormal and emergency operations with a special attention to limitations, systems and performances of the aircraft.


Prerequisites TRI

An applicant for a TRI certificate shall:

– Hold a CPL, MPL or ATPL pilot licence on the applicable aircraft category;

– For a TRI(MPA) certificate:

– Have completed 1 500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes; and

-Have completed, within the 12 months preceding the date of application, 30 route sectors, including take-offs and landings, as PIC or co-pilot on the applicable aeroplane type, of which 15 sectors may be completed in an FFS representing that type.

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Prerequisites SFI

  • An applicant for an SFI certificate shall:
  • Hold or have held a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the appropriate aircraft category;
  • Have completed the proficiency check for the issue of the specific aircraft type rating in an FFS representing the applicable type, within the 12 months preceding the application; and Additionally, for an SFI(A) for multi-pilot aeroplanes or SFI(PL), have:
  • At least 1 500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot aeroplanes or powered-lift, as applicable;
    • Completed, as a pilot or as an observer, within the 12 months preceding the application, at least:
    • Route sectors on the flight deck of the applicable aircraft type;

Line-orientated flight training-based simulator sessions conducted by qualified flight crew on the flight deck of the applicable type. These simulator sessions shall include 2 flights of at least 2 hours each between 2 different aerodromes, and the associated pre-flight planning and de-briefing.

Fases del entrenamiento


  • 4 days (a maximum of 7 hours a day) between 8 and 17 LT. Gerenal program F.I.
  • Exam of 100 questions.


  •  10 Hrs of specific instruction for type Airbus A320. Ground and simulator teaching techniques.


  • 10 Hrs in 2 Session of 5 hrs training skills and manouvers of teaching process.
  • Proficency check with  TRE.