Type Rating Airbus A320 Course

Course Objectives

Our goal is to provide integrated instruction based on theoretical teaching, flight simulator training, and actual flight, all geared towards obtaining the complete knowledge and skills to operate a multicrew aircraft in a CRM operation environment.

We prioritize safety and standard procedures for performing normal, abnormal, and emergency operations, paying special attention to the limitations, systems, and performance of the aircraft.

This comprehensive approach ensures success in the final tests and proficiency checks, meeting the standards required by the authority. Additionally, we offer a Course Type Rating Airbus A320 for those seeking specialization in this specific aircraft model.

Type Rating A320

Prerequisites for pilots aspiring their first Type Rating Airbus A320 (TR)

Type Rating A320
  • To have a minimum of 70 flying hours as a pilot in command of airplanes.
  • To be the holder of a valid instrumental flight rating in multi-engine airplanes.
  • To be the holder of a MCC certificate. If this course has not been passed, it can be included in the Type Rating Course (TR).
  • Having received education and theoretical knowledge at a ATPL(A) level, having passed a course and having passed an authority level test.
  • To be the holder of a valid Class 1 medical certificate.

Training Phases


  • This phase will be for a period of 18 days with Computer Based Training (CBT), classroom training, as well as in a (CSS) cabin procedures trainer.
  • Including considerations about mass and centre of gravity, flight performance and planning.
  • Knowledge test.


  • It consists of 9 sessions (4 hours each one), which is a total of 36 hours of Full Flight Simulator training (FFS).
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency operations, as well as the manoeuvres required for a flight and its planning, weight and balance and flight performances.
  • In the 9th session the expert exam will take place.


  • This phase will take place in an actual aircraft, where the take-off and landing manoeuvres will be trained in different configurations, putting into practice the abilities acquired.
  • Duration according to the experience.
  • About 35 and 45 minutes of actual flight time.

Advantages of A320 Type Rating for Airline Pilots

Type rating certification is essential for pilots aspiring to a successful career in the commercial aviation industry. Opting for the A320 type rating certification offers a range of benefits:

  • Market Dominance: The Airbus A320 stands out as one of the most popular and widely used aircraft, with an impressive fleet of over 9,800 aircraft operating under more than 340 airlines worldwide.
  • Standardization and Efficiency: Uniformity in the cockpit and operating procedures across the A319, A320, and A321 models enables pilots to obtain a single type rating certification that qualifies them to fly the entire A320 family. This standardization streamlines the transition between different models and maximizes efficiency in crew training and operation.
  • Flexibility and Career Opportunities: Training on the A320 family also facilitates transitioning to Airbus wide-body aircraft through Cross Crew Qualification, expanding career prospects and providing airlines with greater flexibility in crew deployment.

Invest in your future as an airline pilot with the prestigious A320 type rating certification and open the doors to an exciting and rewarding career in commercial aviation!

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