BRIDGE COURSE B 747-B 757/767- B 777/787 <> B 737

Course Objectives

With our Boeing BRIDGE courses, you benefit from all of our expertise and experience in carrying out training courses.
Our experienced instructors all of whom are extremely familiar with day to day airline operations and our state of the art training equipment ensure that our courses are extremely efficient, focused on real world application, and create the foundation for successful flight operations.

Prerequisites for pilots aspiring BRIDGE Course

  • Current type rating B 747-B 757/767- B 777/787
  • 150 flight hours on type
  • At least 3 months min operation with the type on line
  • Previous interview with our HT

Training Phases


  • This phase will be for a period of 18 days with Computer Based Training (CBT), classroom training, as well as in a (CSS) cabin procedures trainer.
  • Including considerations about mass and centre of gravity, flight performance and planning.
  • Knowledge test.


  • It consists of 9 sessions (4 hours each one), which is a total of 36 hours of Full Flight Simulator training (FFS).
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency operations, as well as the manoeuvres required for a flight and its planning, weight and balance and flight performances.
  • In the 9th session the expert exam will take place.


  • This phase will take place in an actual aircraft, where the take-off and landing manoeuvres will be trained in different configurations, putting into practice the abilities acquired.
  • Duration according to the experience.
  • About 35 and 45 minutes of actual flight time.

Other courses

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