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Airbus – Boeing – Bombardier – ATR

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Airbus – Boeing – Bombardier – ATR

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Authorized Courses

In Qualiflight training Center we offer you all the authorized course you need.

We are the Spanish aeronautical training center with the biggest AESA approved training courses package. More than 15 years training professionals.

The best training for you in Qualiflight in our full flight simulators worldwide.

We are the reference training center for most of the main airlines with training and instruction centers spread all over the world .
We also can provide you with online courses .

Language tests

Cabin Crew


RPA & Drone

At Qualiflight, we make it possible.

Qualiflight offers you the following adapted courses:

Qualiflight, around the world

Qualiflight, worldwide Training centers and simulators used by Qualiflight Training

Our training centers in Qualiflight are ready to serve the global needs of our clients .

Check our flight simulators list.

In Qualiflight we work hard to adapt all our training courses to you .
Type ratings and continuos training in all kinds of AIRBUS/BOEING types.

Airlines assessments preparation

A-320 Simulator

A-320 simulator has the best and the most complete software and hardware available in the market, as well as the most advanced and powerful last generation computer equipment.
We are also using the same tools as in most Airlines for our Sim sessions providing a very high training level in normal, abnormal and emergency procedures, achieving a realism and precision well above average.



We have approved simulator facilities and centers all over the world adjusted to our clients needs, ensuring the highest instruction standards 



We have an experienced team of instructors and examiners with a great airline transport background in all different agencies , as well as an extensive knowledge in different techniques required to obtain the desired goals .


Flexibility and competitive prices

Due to our agreements with Centers around the world,we can offer you the most competitive prices and the greatest deals on the market .futhermore ,we are fully oriented to flexibility and adaptability to all your circumstances and needs through all our available toolscance todas las herramientas necesarias.

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